Coffee table

Coffee table with either glass or metallic tabletop, set on a steel frame with bridged perforations

Finding the perfect coffee table remains a challenging task during the interior design process.

I wanted ABBY to be both functional and luminous, allowing to purvey brightness to this area of your living room.


Available in two types of finishes — glass or metallic tabletop, this battery-powered coffee table allows for captivating lighting while avoiding unpleasant and messy cables.

Product details: 
Remote-controlled double lighting of tabletop and/or frame via iridescence. The glass tabletop creates an optic fibre.

LED lighting (12 Volts) powered by rechargeable battery
Height 39 cm
Width 60 cm
Length 120 cm

Glass table top
1 780 €

Steel table top
1 410 €